Sexual Addiction

(16 million Americans are thought to struggle with sexual addiction)

What is sexual addiction?

It can be described as compulsive, uncontrollable or obsessive sexual behavior. Sexual addiction becomes apparent when it begins to affect family life, work environment, friends and loved ones. For the sex addict, sex becomes the main priority in life. Sex addicts often deny or don’t acknowledge they have a problem.

Signs of sexual addiction

extra-marital affairs :: voyeurism :: sexual disease :: internet sex :: obsessive masturbation :: stalking :: rape :: child molesting :: one night stands :: prostitution :: sexual harassment :: exhibitionism :: unsafe sex :: frequent use of pornography :: molestation :: incest :: choking or inflicting pain during sex :: no sexual gratification or emotional bond during sex :: risk taking sex :: sacrificing family and morals in favor of sex.

Consequences of sexual addiction

·        Feelings of guilt and shame
·        Lack of sexual control
·        Negative health, social, emotional and financial consequences
·        Sexual disease
·        Divorce
·        Imprisonment
·        Death
The sex addict is thought to struggle with many of the same compulsive issues as gambling addicts, drug addicts and alcoholics.

What can be done to stop sexual addiction?

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